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5 Pin Mystery Bags

5 Pin Mystery Bags

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A Mystery bag containing 5 random pins from my shop!!

 💜 Mystery Bags ARE included in the BOGO sale! You will receive 1 free extra pin or keychain with each order!

 💜 Each bag may be a mix of anime-inspired, disney inspired, and Video Game inspired pins! Some bags may be more heavy on one genere than the other

 💜 There are no chibi pins inside the Mystery bags themselves

 💜 Each bag will contain at least 2 Pin on pins if not more out of the 5 pins within the bag! So for example, a bag may contain: 2 Pops, and 3 regular normal/flat pins

 💜 If you order 2 or more bags in the same order, I will make sure there are either no duplicates or as little duplicates as possible

 NO REFUNDS. All Mystery Bag sales are final sale!

There is NO GRADING for these bags! Each bag contains a random assortment of grades of pins, anywhere from A, B, C or D grade! Be sure to look at the pins for yourself to determine any flaws.